Jagadeesh Ramdas, MD

Pediatrics, Hematology Oncology
Geisinger Medical Center

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“How do you thank someone who has saved your child's life? The level of care our daughter received was world class, close to home. If our team on Angels were paid $10 million a year, it would not be enough, nor could we have possibly had better care. Thank you Dr. Ramdas and his team. We Love and respect each and every one of you for going completely above and beyond in EVERY single thing that you do for your kids. Each one of you have literally changed everyone in our family for life. We watched you help with a miracle. Amanda is happy, safe and comfortable because of the immense sacrifices you make for each and every family you serve. We are FOREVER grateful and changed because of the Angels that you are. I hope someday to be able to repay each one of you . Thank you.”

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